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Dave Malinowski

925 days ago
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We started by discussing issues and problems we run into. Hirut Woldemariam mentioned safety as a main issue. She told us about an experience with some Ethiopian gangsters who asked why she was "taking pictures of them" and if she was a spy. They also tried to steal her purse. We concluded with a few potential solutions such as the buddy system, being informed of the area to which you are going, knowing the law of the area, and and having a formal letter from your university or written permission from the authorities of the area.
Jhonni C Next Susan Price lead us in a group analysis of photos. We conducted a bottom-up approach where we simply looked at photos from Albuquerque and discussed possibilities for analysis. Some ideas included looking at the font used (e.g. English referring to Vietnamese, Chinese, French, Spanish restaurants/businesses) and analyzing the handwriting- looking for patterns in how letters are written by people from different countries. We also discussed cultural sensitivity and conducting this sort of research, and making sure we steer clear of stereotypes.
Restaurant and grocery store signs in 9 cities/24 communities
It might be more meaningful for language users to mesh languages than to not do it. 
  • Saturday open space
Hi, everyone! I missed Elwira Sobkowiak's talk "Multilingual signs and endangered language revitalization efforts. Presence of written language in public spaces and language attitudes. Case of Nahuatl in Mexico". Can anyone share their notes? :)
Dave M Participant contact list (Name, affiliation, email)
  1. Will Amos
  1. Monica Barni
  1. Robert Blackwood
  1. Mark Kaiser, Berkeley Language Center, mkaiser@berkeley.edu
  1. Rick Kern, Berkeley Language Center, rkern@berkeley.edu
  1. Dave Malinowski, Yale Center for Language Study, david.malinowski@yale.edu
  1. Elana Shohamy
Links to handouts, presentation files, other media or websites from the workshop - please mail to david.malinowski@yale.edu
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