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Jaclyn K Methodologies (II)
Challenges in LL - Woldemariam
-       Last year collaborated on Ethiopian diaspora in DC
-       Presented later in Cape Town
-       Went to South Africa to also examine and compare with the Ethiopian diaspora in South Africa
-       En route to Addis Ababa, made shop in Johannesburg; strong presence of Ethiopian national symbols
-       Stopped to take photos, but was soon surrounded by intoxicated Ethiopian gangsters who believed she was photographing them instead of the sign
o   Risk of photographing, documenting
o   Threatened and accused of being an Ethiopian spy
o   “Scared for my life”
o   Intervention by friend, had to pay ransom to get back her stolen purse
-       Photography a primary method of capturing LL
o   Material in photos always belongs to others
o   Results in accusations of personal targeting by those nearby
- bring a letter with legal
- be aware of surroundings
- bring a companion when collecting data, especially in unfamiliar places 
-       Carr : similar challenges in Mexico City
o   Different reactions of public relate to different cultures
o   History influences the sense of trust
o   Documenting a person’s presence still stigmatized
o   Car passengers rolled up windows, evaded camera, accusations of spying
o   Also says have a buddy – someone familiar with language and culture
o   Need verification from university to show to authorities
o   Show and explain photos that have been taken of LL
o   Understand historical issues and nature of people in documented area
-       Price: Several problems within the US
o   Bilingual supermarket south of San Diego, escorted out
o   Difficult to document inside stores
o   Some signs now posted disallowing photography; leads to feeling of criminality
o   Police officer in LA threatened to take away camera in public place
o   Asked if occupationally a lawyer
o   More technological mediums lead to more challenges to documentation
-       Leung: photographing menus
o   Yelp features many photographs inside businesses – it is deemed okay
-       Carr: quantity also important
o   Linguistics often seek to take a large volume of photographs; problematic for many
o   Good quality camera important, especially with good zoom, for speed-photographing
o   However, also a major investment
o   Can be acquired through grants
-       Price: Photo editing can also be done
o   Street-view also a consideration; angle
-       Carr: Ironic that academics are being escorted out by authorities
o   Self-identify as a student, construct identity as a learner
o   Ask and engage with others who are present; leads to leniency towards photography
Out with the Old, In With the New? - Price
o   Discussion through photo-viewing to address challenges to data collection
o   Albuquerque, NM – series of restaurant storefronts and menus
-  Spanish stylization
-  Spanish and English signage
-  Insertion of historical 
-  Chinese restaurants all have “Chinese” and English regardless of location
-       Carr: Restaurants
o   Chinese, Mexican, French, “Old-fashioned” restaurants all feature a particularly stylized font
o   Font conveys a message
-       Price: International food store
o   Signage fonts and products specific to different countries
o   Each aisle is specific to a country
o   University district location
o   Handwritten signs could also be analyzed
o   Different language groups have different handwritten styles; handwriting quality and style can lead to judgments about the writer
-       Carr: Font analysis
o   French friends have “bubbly” handwriting
o   Helvetica documentary on Netflix; describes the importance of font for advertising
o   Examining typography?
o   Limited by what can be discussed due to sensitivity around ethnicity
o   By providing caveats and avoiding sweeping generalizations, own data can be shared ethically and objectively
o   Consult with multiple audiences; direct engagement or survey
-       Price: Consulting
o   Asking local experts (in one case, Nahuatl speakers) their opinions
o   “Smoke jewelry” sign – presumed to be a jewelry store
o   ‘Rule’ signs
o   “Original gangster” sunglasses sign
Reflecting on Koreatowns – Carr
-       “Comparing Koreatowns” conjures questions about criteria for comparing two places, two cities
-       LA and Mexico City have similar population sizes, diversity, media presence, layouts, both urban, both surrounded by mountain ranges
-       Koreatowns within the two cities:
o   Both located within major cities, Korea/Spanish/English present
o   Comparable population density, but Korean populations small in both
o   Pequeno Seoul only has four streets, whereas other Koreatown has 20
o   LA Koreatown is established, has public funding, schools, community centers, “Welcome to Koreatown” sign
o   Pequeno Seoul not formally known as such, more recently immigrated Korean communities; newer
o   Comparative nature of LL is growing

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