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Melissa L Curtin

943 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Melissa L Curtin , Dave Malinowski 943 days ago
Melissa C
  • Hi all-- I'm really looking forward to *finally making it to an LL workshop!  I agree, Dave, Rob's bibliography is a fantastic resource (thanks Rob).  I'm also very interested in syllabi for teaching undergrad/grad seminars on linguistic landscaping.  Would love to e-talk w/ anyone about this and/or in person in Berkeley.
Dave M
  • Yes, I think there's a lot of interest in pedagogical applications--I think several of our reflections on practice will be about this and I'm eager to hear what others are doing. Two years ago I taught two semeseters of an undergraduate seminar (10 students) at UC Berkeley on LL; syllabus here: http://ucblinguisticlandscape.edublogs.org/syllabus/ 
Melissa C
  • Thanks Dave!  I'm teaching an upper division special topics class in Global Studies in Wtr Qtr 2016, tentatively titled, "Linguistic Landscapes @ the World" (or maybe "Linguistic Landscaping @ the World").  Your syllabus looks great.  Am thinking about how to approach this in Santa Barbara and also considering ideas for 'distance research to other locales' (e.g., online).  Looking forward to hearing more at LL7!

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